July 23, 2015


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Quick mural painted in collaboration with my argentinian friend Poeta. Amsterdam 2015

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June 25, 2015


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Last month my australian friend Rone pass by Amsterdam and we  painted our first collaboration mural
El pasado mes mi amigo austrliano Rone pasó por Amsterdam y pintamos nuestra primera colaboración.

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June 23, 2015


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New limited edition of 25, high quality digital print on 180gr beige paper with original hand touches with ink and collage. All different
Numbered and signed on front by the artist.
With authenticity certificate attached

International shipping available (fees vary by country)

Now available on my Online store

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June 11, 2015


 photo 2015_05_incandescent-nature2_zpsxjjfmprz.jpg

Quick abstract mural painted few weeks ago in Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 8, 2015


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Mural painted in collaboration with Alex Mac crew, Pablito Zago, Russ and YZ in Saint-Louise, France.

Last 11st of May I was invited by the association "Ariana" to take part in their project call MIXART, painting a collaborative mural inspired by the Alsace tale of "La carpe d'or", at the main train station of the city.

"En ce temps là, le fils du Comte de Ferrette aimait à se promener du côté de Liebsdorf. 

Un jour, il rencontra une jeune bergère dont la beauté l'éblouit. Eperdument amoureux de la belle et n'osant lui déclarer sa flamme, il exprima sont amour en un poème qu'il grava sur la pierre où elle aimait se reposer. Séduite par ce doux message, la bergère accepta aussitôt d'épouser le chevalier. 
Hélas, fallait-il encore convaincre le Comte de Ferrette qui s'opposa à de telles épousailles. Croyant l'exploit impossible, le Comte exigea de la bergère qu'elle accomplisse quelque action extraordinaire qui la rende digne de ce mariage.

Confiante, la jeune fille lui proposa de goûter à ses mystérieux Poissons d'Or. 

Intrigué, celui-ci accepta. 

Elle alla alors pêcher des carpes qu'elle prépara à sa façon et fit dorer à l'huile.
Conquis par les délices qui lui étaient proposés, le Comte accepta bien volontiers l'union de son fils et de la bergère. Il leur fit même construire un château sur la pierre témoin de leur idylle, endroit désormais connu sous le nom de Liebenstein qui signifie «pierre de l'Amour».

C'est ainsi que la Carpe Frite devint un mets si prisé dans le Sundgau."

Mural realizado en colaboración con Alex Mac crew, Pablito Zago, Russ and YZ en Saint-Louise, Francia.

El pasado 11 de mayo fui invitado por la asociación "Ariana"  formar parte de su proyecto MIXART. pintando un mural en conjunto con otros artistas, inspirado por el cuento de Alsacia, "La carpe d'or", en la estación central de tren de la ciudad.

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May 2, 2015


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Last March I did my first solo show in Kuwait city, "Projections: Searching"curated by Visual Therapy at Almakan gallery. Where I exhibited photography along with 7 new paintings and a short film.

Click here to see the online catalog

"Projections: Searching"
One of the challenges in anthropology is finding the precise derivation of human culture and early activities, with the invention and use of the mask representing one of the unanswered questions today. The use of masks dates back several millennia. It is believed that the first masks may have generally been used by primitive people to associate the wearer with some kind of unimpeachable authority, such as "the gods" or to otherwise lend credence to the person's claim on a given social role.

Humans worldwide have used masks since ancient times for sacred rituals, as ornamentation, in performances and theatre. The mask disguises the identity of its owner, and symbolizes the need to hide or repress a person’s desires, fears or concerns.

Skount considers that everyone carries masks; with it we conceal our identity and adopt a more socially acceptable image to get by day to day. However, there are also moments in which we can reveal our true nature, and take them off.

Now for the first time in Kuwait, Visual Therapy presents “Projections: Searching,” an exhibition of new artworks by Skount, the second one from his studio series inspired by the study of psychoanalysis projection.

For one year Skount will focus his artworks on the study of projection as a defense mechanism by which the subject attributes to others their virtues or defects, including their shortcomings. This phenomenon operates in situations of emotional conflict, internal or external threat of origin, attributing to other people or objects feelings, thoughts and desires that they never quite accepted in themselves because they generate distress or anxiety.

As a result, the person can lose his real soul by trying to draw a new identity while looking at others distorting or redrawing their true identity in order to blend with mainstream society.

This is a clear symptom of paranoia as deformation of a normal process that leads us to search the outside world the cause of our affections.

Although the term was used by Sigmund Freud from 1895 to refer specifically to a mechanism observed in paranoid personalities or subjects directly paranoid, various psychoanalytic schools have later generalized the concept to designate a primary defense. As such, it is present in all psychic structures (in psychosis, neurosis and perversion). Therefore, in attenuated form, also operates in certain forms of thought completely normal everyday life.

For this time, Skount with “Projection: Searching” presents, through his artworks, a metaphorical seeking for the inner self of our existence; our roots, identity, and afterlight.

By removing their metaphorical mask and by leaving behind hidden feelings, thoughts or desires, the person can try to look for his inner self, adopting behaviors of other people close to him. This creates an inner self as a projection of other people or a fusion of our inner universe with each person that is part of our life.

This kind of seeking erases our identity as individual people and generates a collective identity influenced by the people or society that surrounds us, adopting a role of conduct, feelings, thoughts and shared emotions that redraws our inner self.

 photo 2015_01_cosmic-kiss_zpsmpfw9rbb.jpg
Cosmic Kiss, acrylic and spray on canvas, 80x90 cm. 2015

 photo 2015_01_explorers_zpsl3erh0du.jpg
Explorers, acrylic and collage on canvas, 50x60 cm. 2015

 photo 2015_01_family-projections_zpshhalswlh.jpg
Family projections, acrylic and collage on canvas, 50x60 cm. 2015

 photo 2015_01_inner-transmission_zpswcqstfoe.jpg
Inner transmission, acrylic and spray on canvas 50x65 cm. 2015

 photo 2015_02_SUBMERGED-PROJECTIONS_zps2bwgtnhi.jpgSubmerged projections, acrylic and spray on canvas 140x95 cm. 2015

 photo Sin-tiacutetulo-4_zpsfftbksjl.jpg

 photo video3_zpsegglnysv.jpg

Projections: Searching. Video lenght: 01 min 45 sec. (stereo) HD
Video editing: Elena de la Rubía
Camera: Laguna

 photo Sin-tiacutetulo-3_zpscexxnci8.jpg

 photo 2014_12_integration_zpsocruy6gh.jpg
 Integration, acrylic and collage on illustration board 30x42 cm. 2015

 photo 2014_12_Fusion_zpsbwlhsjq1.jpg
Fusion, acrylic and collage on illustration board 30x42 cm. 2015

 photo 2014_12_mask6_zpssazarfse.jpg

 photo 2014_12_mask10_zps7gx7zcfz.jpg

 photo 2014_12_mask12a_zps7lwuoljg.jpg

The photos are from "Beyond the mist" series. Click here to check more

Below you will find some photos of  the opening

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