April 23, 2015


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Privte commission mural painted in Kuwait. Curated by Visual Therapy

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April 14, 2015


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Comission ceiling painted in Kuwait city, Kuwait. 2015

A dispersive prism is a type of optical prism, usually having the shape of a geometrical triangular prism. It is the most widely known type of optical prism, although perhaps not the most common in actual use. Triangular prisms are used to disperse light, that is, to break light up into its spectral components (the colors of the rainbow)

Prism dispersion played an important role in understanding the nature of light, through experiments by Sir Isaac Newton and others.

Inspired in this concept, I illustrated a metaphorical color prism where the filter of the light is a person, but instead of light, the person filters  the universe, (everything that is surrounded him and also is part of him) he makes as a filter and transform all in color that projects to other "universes".

Thanks to Visual Therapy

Pintura en techo comisionada en la ciudad de Kuwait, Kuwait. 2015

Un prisma dispersivo es un tipo de prisma óptico, por lo general tiene la forma de un prisma triangular geométrico. Es el tipo más ampliamente conocido de prisma óptico, aunque quizás no el más común en el uso real. Los prismas triangulares se utilizan para dispersar la luz, es decir, para romper la luz en sus componentes espectrales (los colores del arco iris)

El prisma dispersivo jugó un papel importante en la comprensión de la naturaleza de la luz, a través de experimentos realizados por Sir Isaac Newton y otros.

Inspirado en este concepto, ilustré un metafórico prisma de color, donde el filtro de la luz es una persona, pero en vez de la luz, la persona filtra el universo, (todo lo que le rodea y que a su vez forma parte de él) la persona hace de filtro y transforma todo lo que recibe de su entorno en color, y a su vez lo proyecta a otros "universos".

Gracias a  Visual Therapy

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April 11, 2015


 photo 2015_03_in_out-inner-world-projection2_zpshivfm4so.jpg

Mural part of Alwan art festival (organized byVisual Therapy), at Marina Crescent Kuwait 2015

I Painted this mural after been few days in Kuwait, and learn a little bit about the people and their culture.

Each individual comes from a determined inner “universe” and made of a story, culture, ideology, beliefs, norms, religions and different perceptions; and how to share and receive information from other individuals from another different inner “universe”,  can make the individual psychologically project a world or inner universe combined by both.
Mural realizado para Alwan art festival (organizado por la Visual Therapy), Marina Crescent, Kuwait 2015.

Este mural es una reflexión de mi propia experiencia. Cada individuo proviene de un "universo" interior determinado y formado por una historia, cultura, ideología, creencias, normas, religiones y percepciones distintas; y como al compartir y al recibir información de otros individuos procedentes de otro "universo" interior distinto, pueden hacer que el individuo proyecte de manera psicológica un mundo o universo interior combinado por ambos.

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April 9, 2015


Few weeks ago All City Canvas include a preview of my first solo show in Kuwait in their Vlog. Check this out.
Thanks to Paula Villanueva and All City Canvas team.

March 25, 2015


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Article at Bazaar magazine, March 2015, issue 191, Kuwait

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March 7, 2015


 photo 2015_03_SKOUNT-INVITE_zpsehnzjakn.jpg

Visual Therapy presents “Projections: Searching,” an exhibition by Spanish artist Skount opening at 6pm on Monday 9 March 2015 at AlMakan.

“Projections: Searching” brings together new artworks by Spanish artist Raul “Skount” Garcia Periera in an exhibition inspired by the study of psychological projection. For the first time, Skount will showcase photography along with 11 new works and a short film.

Skount’s early encounters with Spanish theater inspired the exploration of the mask in his artworks as a metaphor and transformative element. Historically, the mask served as a ritualistic object of both disguise and protection. Over time, the mask began to take on a more symbolic role, manifesting certain aspects of our true self, while concealing our fears and desires.

Skount’s fascination with the mask is further explored within this exhibition. Although the mask conceals one’s features, it also creates and reveals new qualities, which also remain hidden. The projection of these inner feelings creates narratives of self-identity within Skount’s work challenging the dichotomy of self and identity.